Board Members

President: Gwen Louie

Gwen Louie never planned on homeschooling, but after being led to try it out in 2006, when her first child started kindergarten, she hasn't looked back! Mom to 5 boys ages 3 to 17, she firmly believes that the Lord gives believers everything they need to do the task they to which they are called - something she often takes comfort in while teaching and training her boys! Gwen has been a member of FHIS since moving back to TX in 2011 and enjoys teaching 5th grade girls at her church.

Vice President: Debbie Jarvis

Debbie Jarvis started homeschooling 8 years ago and has embraced both the great and abundant rewards, as well as the occasional challenges. With four children between the ages of 4 and 13 years old, one could see how activities plays an important role in her family. Frisco HIS has played an instrumental role in her homeschooling journey by providing community, outing opportunities and lifelong friendships for both her and her children. Debbie enjoys cooking, but upcycling used furniture her newest hobby. She has been married for 18 years to her 7th grade crush.

Treasurer: Gina Gage

Gina is homeschooling her 15 and 12 year old boys. Being born in Mexico City prevented her from even thinking to homeschool until one day, she and her husband felt led to take the challenge. Homeschooling hasn’t been easy, since English is her second language, but it has been rewarding in many many ways. She always says, “If I can homeschool my kids, anyone can do it too.” She enjoys reading, Zumba and planning events for HIS Teens.

Secretary: Andrea Murdock

Andrea Murdock began homeschooling in 2009 when her oldest son began kindergarten, and has been a member of FHIS since. When she and her husband made the decision to homeschool, she thought she would only do it long enough to protect her son from the long school days. This same child she planned to enroll in school after 5 th grade is now an 8 th grader and there are no plans for a change. Andrea has three other children ages 9, 7, and 5. She loves to help others with their homeschooling journey while thinking outside the box in the process. She feels that this keeps their years fresh and vibrant and is thankful for the freedom to travel and enjoy more family time together.

Activities Director: Kami Ellis

Kami Ellis has been homeschooling since 2014 when their family made the leap to withdraw their oldest from public school. Their journey into homeschooling was unexpected, but has been full of many amazing blessings! She and her husband, Shane, have been married for 14 years and have three children who range in age from 3 to 10 years old. She understands how important activities and field trips are for the homeschooling family, and looks forward to helping organize many exciting events in the upcoming year!

Volunteer Coordinator: Molly Routzon

Never being a rule follower, Molly Routzon struggled from day one with the rigid structure of public school for her boys. But finally, when her oldest began coming home, defeated, day after day because he did not want to sit still and do anymore STAAR worksheets, she knew something had to change. After much prayer, the Lord lead her to pull her then 3rd and 1st graders out of school and she has never looked back! What a blessed hot mess is this homeschool life! Day by day with her hubby of 19 years by her side, she schools her 3 boys. They can be found reading in bean bags, mapping the planets in sidewalk chalk, and field tripping with a passion! Anytime she feels overwhelmed, she just looks at the amazing growth in her boys 12, 10, and 3 and knows it is the right path!

Communications Manager/Board Advisor: Merri Cue

Merri Cue has been homeschooling since 1998 and has been a member of Frisco HIS since 2003, when her family moved back to Texas. She was instrumental in starting the Frisco HIS teen group for those in 6th - 12th grades. She and her husband, David, have been married for 29 years and have six children, five of which have graduated from homeschool. She has experience transitioning her children from homeschool to college, be it dual enrolling (college classes while in high school), enrolling in a community college or going straight to a four-year university.