Frisco Home Is School (Frisco HIS)

Membership Application 2017-2018

Frisco H.I.S. is a Christ-centered home school support group, dedicated to doing all things according to Biblical principles and bringing glory and honor to Jesus Christ.


The Purpose of This Group Is To:
  1. Provide fellowship and support for homeschooling families.
  2. Provide opportunity to exchange resource and curriculum information.
  3. Provide the opportunity for field trips, group activities and ministry.
Qualifications for Membership:
  1. Family is actively home schooling at least one of their children or plans to home school within the next year.
  2. Family signs and submits:
    1. Membership Application (Application Below)
    2. Statement of Faith
    3. Code of Conduct and Organization
  3. Family submits annual nonrefundable membership dues of $30.00 per family (Pay Here). *Scholarships are available. Email for more information on how to obtain a scholarship.
  4. Family abides by standards of good and honorable conduct at all group activities

Membership Application