Welcome to Frisco HIS's website! We are happy that you are here; whether you are new to homeschooling, new to Frisco area, are looking at homeschooling, or are a current member. Here you will find information about Frisco HIS and what you need to do to join us.

History of Frisco HIS:

Frisco HIS began in 1995 with handful of friends who chose to educate their children at home, and desired to meet together for encouragement, fellowship, and to share ideas.

Today Frisco HIS has many more families and several sub groups, like Robotics, Drama Club, a Teen Group and more.

Our Mission Statement:

Frisco HIS aims to provide support to homeschooling mothers and help homeschool families have opportunities to become connected with other homeschooling families in our community. Frisco HIS members join together to offer monthly activities (meetings, clubs, field trips, park days, etc.), and provide information about local homeschooling groups, events, and functions.